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Ten Dead Men

Ten Dead Men 2009 watch online

Action / Crime / Thriller, produced in 2009, UK

Ten men took away his life. Now ten men will pay with their's. Ryan is left for dead, but returns to his old ways for one last revenge trip. And it's going to be bloody!

Ryan has spent years putting his brutal past behind him. A different man now to the stone cold killer he was a lifetime ago. But when an old face from the past arrives on his doorstep, Ryan is called upon to repay a blood debt from years ago. But the price is too high. Betrayed, and with his life falling apart around him, Ryan goes on a murderous, bloody revenge spree against the Ten Men who took his life away from him. Ten men took away his life. Now Ten Men Will Pay. Ten Dead Men is a pulse pounding British action feature, brought to you by the team behind the cult international success 'Left For Dead'.

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