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Prey for Rock & Roll

Prey for Rock & Roll 2004 watch online

Drama / Music, produced in 2004, USA

Jacki, sexy punk rocker and lead singer of the all-girl band Clamdandy, is at a crossroads. With her birthday fast approaching, she must decide whether or not to keep the promise she made to herself over a decade earlier: Quit the music business at 40 if she hasn't made it by then. The decision gets complicated when old secrets, false hope, and personal tragedies threaten to break up the band.

Prey For Rock & Roll is the story of Jacki and her all-girl rock and roll band, Clam Dandy, who are trying to make it in the LA club scene of the late 1980s. After ten years of being ignored by record producers, Jacki and the band find hope in one producer who promises to see them play and consider them for a contract. Jacki resolves to play this one last gig and then throw in the towel if she does not find success. Personal tragedies, however, threaten to rip the band apart, roc

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