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Origin: Spirits of the Past

Origin: Spirits of the Past 2007 watch online

Animation / Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi, produced in 2007, Japan

It is 300 years into the future. Earth's environment had been devastated by mankind's own foolish plans and humankind is beleaguered by the sentient forests which they have awoken. The world balance is tipped when a young boy named Agito stumbles across a machine that glowed in a strange blue hue inside a forbidden sanctuary. The machine, which has preserved a beautiful girl named Tula from the past, is activated. Tula has a "mission" that had been entrusted to her by the past ...

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    • Runtime:

      95 minutes

    • Language:


    • Subtitles:


    • Resolution:

      720x400 px

    • Codec:


    • Bit Rate:

      1362 kbps

    • Size:

      1098 MB

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