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Documentary / Mystery / Reality-TV, produced in 2003, USA

Mythbusters takes myths, tall tales and urban legends and gives them the scientific treatment to determine their validity. Myths are proved true, probable, possible, improbable or busted. Often after the real-world practical tests have proved or debunked a Myth, the team will take the experiment to the extreme, many times using more modern technology than the myth could have used or upping the black powder for impressive explosions.



1Pilot 1: Jet-Assisted Chevy/Pop Rocks and Soda

23 Jan 2003

2Pilot 2: Vacuum Toilet/Biscuit Bazooka/Leaping Lawyer

23 Jan 2003

3Pilot 3: Larry's Lawn-Chair Balloon/Goldfinger/Poppy-Seed Drug Test

07 Mar 2003

4Ice Bullet/Exploding Toilet/Who Gets Wetter?

23 Sep 2003

5Cell Phone Destruction/Silicone Breasts/CD-ROM Shattering

03 Oct 2003

6Barrel of Bricks/Pissing on the Third Rail/Eel Skin Wallet

10 Oct 2003

7Penny Drop/Deadly Microwaves/Radio Tooth Fillings

17 Oct 2003

8Hammer Bridge Drop/Buried Alive/Cola

24 Oct 2003

9Lightning Strikes Tongue Piercing/Tree Cannon/Beat the Breath Test

07 Nov 2003

10Stinky Car/Raccoon Rocket

05 Dec 2003

11Escape from Alcatraz/Duck Quack/Stud Finder

12 Dec 2003

12Chicken Gun/Octopus Pregnancy/Killer Washing Machine

18 Jan 2004

13Explosive Decompression/Frog Giggin'/Rear Axle

11 Jan 2004

14Sinking Titanic/Goldfish Memory/Trombone Explosion

22 Feb 2004

15Break Step Bridge/Toothbrush Surprise/Rowing Water Skier

15 Jan 2004

16Buried in Concrete/Daddy Longlegs/Jet Taxi

15 Feb 2004