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Eye of the Beast

Eye of the Beast 2008 watch online

Horror, produced in 2008, Canada

A couple, Krissy Neepenak (Larissa Tobacco) and Robbie McGregor (Brian Edward Roch), is making it out on a boat at night. Suddenly, she hears something, but he laughs it off, it's just a hapless animal. A little while later, she compalins because of his cold wet hands. He realises it's not him: it's the cold wet tentacle of a huge octopuss. The monster crashes the boat and only Robbie survives.
Dan Leland (James Van Der Beek) arrives to the town to make an objective assessment of the reduction in number of the catch. Katrina Tomas (Alexandra Castillo) is the new sheriff of the town, so she asked the government to investigate into the matter. She takes the scientist to the ship of Gunnar Thorson (Arne MacPherson) who is rude to him because he thinks it'll be all a waste of time. The fishermen think it's just the native's fault, because they fish whatever they want without a licence.

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      90 minutes

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      640x352 px

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      930 kbps

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      700 MB

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