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Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi, produced in 1975, UK

The Doctor is a eccentric alien scientist from the planet Gallifrey, planet of the Time Lords, a race of supreme beings who have discovered the secrets of time travel and they never interfere with the affairs of other planets and they only observe and gather knowledge. The Doctor decides to leave Gallifrey because he is bored and he decides to go and explore the universe on-board a space/time machine "The TARDIS" which is in the shape of a police box from the 1950's. Like all Time Lords, The Doctor can "Regenerate" (Change his appearance and personality when his body is worn out and he is mortally wounded). During the many years of The Doctor's travels through time and space, he is joined by various companions: His granddaughter Susan, School Teachers Ian and Barbara, crash survivor Vicki, space pilot Steven, Trojan handmaiden Katarina, Space Special Security agent Sara, Cockney girl Dod



1An Unearthly Child

23 Nov 1963

2The Cave of Skulls

30 Nov 1963

3The Forest of Fear

07 Dec 1963

4The Firemaker

14 Dec 1963

5The Dead Planet

21 Dec 1963

6The Survivors

28 Dec 1963

7The Escape

04 Jan 1964

8The Ambush

11 Jan 1964

9The Expedition

18 Jan 1964

10The Ordeal

25 Jan 1964

11The Rescue

01 Feb 1964

12The Edge of Destruction

08 Feb 1964

13The Brink of Disaster

15 Feb 1964

14The Roof of the World
15The Singing Sands
16Five Hundred Eyes
17The Wall of Lies
18Rider from Shang-Tu
19Mighty Kublai Khan
20Assassin at Peking
21The Sea of Death

11 Apr 1964

22The Velvet Web

18 Apr 1964

23The Screaming Jungle

25 Apr 1964

24The Snows of Terror

02 May 1964

25Sentence of Death

09 May 1964

26The Keys of Marinus

16 May 1964

27The Temple of Evil
28The Warriors of Death
29The Bride of Sacrifice
30The Day of Darkness
31Strangers in Space

20 Jun 1964

32The Unwilling Warriors

27 Jun 1964

33Hidden Danger

11 Jul 1964

34A Race Against Death

18 Jul 1964


25 Jul 1964

36A Desperate Venture

01 Aug 1964

37A Land of Fear

08 Aug 1964

38Guests of Madame Guillotine

15 Aug 1964

39A Change of Identity

22 Aug 1964

40The Tyrant of France

29 Aug 1964

41A Bargain of Necessity

05 Sep 1964

42Prisoners of Concergerie

12 Sep 1964