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Cats: Caressing the Tiger

Cats: Caressing the Tiger 1991 watch online

Documentary, produced in 1991, USA

By night, they're ruthless hunters who stalk their prey with a keen sense of sight and smell. By day, they're playful, loving companions for millions. Today, cats outnumber dogs as America's favorite pet. Worshiped in ancient Egypt and persecuted during medieval times, domestic cats over the centuries have been feared and adored. As comforting companions, cats provide therapy for the elderly and autistic. But as dramatic sequences show, the behavior of cats is never far removed from that of their cousins in the wild. If you've ever wondered why cats always land on all four feet or what makes them purr, watch this movie.

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    • Runtime:

      54 minutes

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      746x566 px

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      1563 kbps

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      658 MB

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