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Aiuta: My Promise to Nakuhito

Aiuta: My Promise to Nakuhito 2019 watch online

Drama / Romance, produced in 2019, Japan

The main character Toru Norimiya who became an adult without having the courage to love depicts what will change as a result of reunion with former Bandman's old friend Takuya Sato and encounter with poetry.

Inspired by a pop song, the film depicts Toru afraid to expose himself and reveal his feelings. Toru meets with his old male friend Tatsuya. He also reads poetry that speaks to and impacts him. He could be a new man and find the courage to follow emotions, which is when he meets a girl named Nagi. Things are not going to be so linear however.

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    • Runtime:

      126 minutes

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    • Resolution:

      1920x1038 px

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    • Bit Rate:

      10000 kbps

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      11786 MB

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