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Actor Jeremiah Campbell

Jeremiah Campbell

  • Date of Birth:

    29 June 1977 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  • Height:

    6' (1.83 m)


Jeremiah Campbell was born on June 29th 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia. He moved to Ohio at the age of 2 and has lived there ever since. However, he still considers himself a "Southerner."He became attracted to the Horror genre at a very early age. After reading Stephen King's IT in the 4th grade, he decided he wanted to be a Horror novelist. He has written a few short stories. All horror related. As well, have written well over 1000 poems of varying themes, mostly dark and full of despair.In 20... more


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Movie Filthy McNastier: Maximum Dousche Filthy McNastier: Maximum Dousche

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