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Drama / Sci-Fi, produced in 2011, Denmark

The film begins with a dream-like introductory sequence involving several of the main characters and images from space. A giant planet is shown threateningly approaching Earth, eventually destroying it in a planetary collision. The film is then divided into two parts.
In part one, called "Justine", the young couple Justine and Michael are getting married at the castle-like home of Justine's sister, Claire, and her husband. The glamorous and expensive party is far from successful, as Justine's divorced parents are openly fighting at the dinner. Justine herself is alienated from her sister, her new husband, her advertising-executive boss and her parents. She drifts away from the party, and becomes increasingly sad and desperate during the night. At several occasions, she looks at a specific star, which seems to shine brighter than normal. Claire's husband John says it is the star Anta


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      136 minutes

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